Thank you for your interest and support in  Show your love for the Mazo sisters by registering an account!  Make sure to select the “additional package” from in order to get access.  Just follow the three steps below.

Step 1. Signup For FileStoragePro Additional Package.

Use This Button To Signup For A FileStoragePro Additional Package Subscription.

FSP ADDITIONAL PACKAGE SIGNUP 30$ USD First 30 days, 20$ USD Each 30 days more

Use coupon code: secondsignup for 10$ off first month if you have an active subscription to!

Step 2. After Payment, Login Here

Just use the same username and password you created on FileStoragePro for instant access on our website.  When you click the Login or Download button on, use the same username and password you created on FileStoragePro.

Step 3. Download Content

You’ll retain access to for as long as you like.  You can also cancel your automatic rebilling of your subscription by logging in and clicking the cancel button on FileStoragePro.

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